5th International CEMEPE and SECOTOX Conference


“Fifth International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning and Economics (CEMEPE) and SECOTOX Conference”  will take place in Greece, Mykonos island between 14-18 June 2015.


The conference covers a very wide area of topics, from sustainable production, to energy and environment, ecotoxicology  and cultural heritage, etc (please see link above). 

Abstract submissions are welcomed. 

A special session will be organised  for the first time with the subject ‘Environmental Hazards and pollinators welfare’. Our intention is to give much attention to bees but also to other pollinators and increase the awareness of the scientific community on the pollinators sensitivity on a wide range of toxicants.  

If you are interested joining this particular session with a presentation please inform Dr. Fani Hatjina (fhatjina@instmelissocomias.gr)  in advance and prior of February 28, 2015.