Call for STSMs - quick reply needed!

Dear all,
As a result of the Coloss Scientific Meeting and Management Committee meeting I herewith repeat my call for STSM proposals, with some amendments.
  1. present state of art:
    1. There will be no STSM's anymore in the present budget year, since the money will be fully consumed by the last meeting in Montpellier and some extra workshops before Feb.1, 2010
    2. The new budget year will start on February 1, 2010, and run through mid of January, 2010
    3. That is the period for which you should now apply
  2. There will be two STSM's granted for sure per Working Group, but of course we will go for more during the course of the budget year
    1. If there are more than two per WG, the WG chair and WG vice chair will decide which 2 will be granted now
    2. Therefore send the application immediately, in addition to me,  ALSO to the Chair and vice chair of your WG
      1. WG 1: Romee van der Zee & Yves LeConte (;
      2. WG 2: Elke Genersch & Annette Jensen (
      3. Karl Crailsheim & Jasna Kralj (
      4. Marina Meixner & Cecilia Costa (
    3. Use the form attached: this will be sufficient in this stage (no need to apply in Brussels (COST) as yet!)
    4. Dead line: Sunday 27 September (Peter Neumann needs NAMEs for the work plan that has to be sent to Brussels!).
    5. Be sure that the lab you want to visit and to work in actually agrees and is able to host you!
  3. This week is a very busy one for me: therefore I will not be very helpfull to you if you have questions, so please avoid that and be independent!
Kind regards, Tjeerd

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