CfP EurBee 2010

Last Call for Papers for the 4th EurBee congress, 7-9 September 2010

The time for the 4th EurBee congress, 7-9 September 2010 is approaching!  This biennial conference comprises plenary lectures and symposia on diverse aspects of the biology of bees, honey bee management and honeybee products. The themes of the current EurBee conference are:

1.      Bee Losses

Pests, pathogens and bee losses (2 sessions)

Monitoring and diagnostics

Pesticides and bees

2.      Diversity and Conservation

Bee diversity

Impact on society

3.      Bee Biology and Ecology


Nutrition and physiology

Learning and memory

Behavioral development and plasticity

Genes and genomics

4.      Applied Bee Research and Beekeeping.

Bee products

Beekeeping and bee research in Turkey

5.      Open contributions (2 sessions including Bee Doc presentation)

Highlights of the conference include 8 invited plenary speakers representing leading research in several European and other countries!  Initiatives of 26 scientists lead to 13 program symposia in 4 themes and one open theme with two symposia!  We are accepting further contributions until May 24, 2010.  

Information on plenary speakers, organizers, program symposia, and open sessions are available on the meeting web page ( You can submit your abstracts for oral or poster presentations at info@eurbee2010.orgusing the attached paper submission form. The meeting will be at the Middle East Technical University, Cultural and Convention Center ( Guest accommodations are available at the University and upon demand in surrounding hotels. The host is Dr. Aykut Kence, local organizer is Dr. Meral Kence. The scientific coordination is carried out by Dr. Yves LeConte (INRA-France) and Dr. Tuğrul Giray. For all conference communication please write to


Aykut Kence