IMPORTANT: Changes on Oct 2009 NOSEMA meeting!

ATTENTION: Voting is not necessarily anymore, because of the changes described below!

Dear MC members,

as Raquel Martin Hernandez informed me today, the meeting will take place not at Toledo but Guadalajara, where the organizers can make use of their institutions own facilities. This helps to save so much money that no additional money from COST is needed - and therefore also voting is not needed anymore. 

Please take a look at the new program and information from the organizers under:

Workshop Guadalajara 2009


Here follows the OLD, OBSOLETE TEXT of the announcement

Please now vote with the "add comment" function, if you agree that the workshop will be held and financed with COST money (you should have received the relevant documents by now through e-mail). If you don't agree please specify why.



It is NOT SUFFICIENT to type "approved" (or "objections") or so without your name. 

Though the name appears on the website together with the date, it does not appear in a printout of the website if your name is not explicitly written in the commentary field itself. Therefore:

Please type: "Approved" (or "Objected") in the title field AND your name in the second text field of the comment.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation!

Peter Neumann, Action Chair