COLOSS workshop on colony losses in Pretoria, South Africa: WG1 members needed

Dear Colleagues,

We are busy organising and finalising our COLOSS workshop on colony losses in Pretoria, South Africa arrangements. Since June was to difficult for the Northern hemisphere, we thought you might need some sunshine and therefore have moved the dates to 3-4 December 2012. The objectives of this workshop are to extend the network of COLOSS and to unite research efforts. The target audience for this conference is researchers and apiculturalists related to the beekeeping industry from the southern hemisphere, who are interested in contributing to the colony bee losses research.

For this purpose we need members from WG 1 to attend this meeting.

To allow for some of the funds to be released upfront from the Department of Science and Technology (DST) we need confirmation that (you are planning to) will attend the Workshop. By this I mean that DST would like to know who will be attending. We have to produce this list for DST. DST being the main and sole sponsor will therefore sends out their own registration forms later.
Unfortunately, we have to play the admin game - so therefore I would like to ask you to fill in the registration form and send it back to us asap by latest 31.05.2012

Travel funding is available through STSMs. If you can think of something else you would like to do here (bee related) I am sure we can organize it: field day visiting beekeepers etc.

COST Office reimburses COST participants for a special kind of STSMs (Reciprocal STSM or RSTSM), inter-lab exchange. The idea is to perform experiments, and to foster collaboration. As with an STSM the minimum duration is 5 days. In order for someone to perform an RSTSM a workplan has to be submitted as in the case of a normal STSM. Approval of any European scientist to perform an RSTSM is given by the Director of COST Office. I am also cc-ing the Action Chair of FA0803 to facilitate communication. 

Thank you and best wishes,

Hannelie Human