Eurbee 2012/Sept. announced

First Announcement:
5th European Conference of Apidology

4-6th September 2012
Halle an der Saale, Germany

Dear Colleagues,
it is a great pleasure to announce that the 5th EurBee congress will be held at the Martin-Luther-University 
Halle-Wittenberg in Halle an der Saale between 4th and 6th of September 2012. 

The congress is the major European platform for bringing together international scientists with an 
interest in all aspects of bee biology. The biennial conference  serves as a communication platform for top EU research 
in Apidology and hosts the pan European research networks BEEDOC, STEP and COLOSS.

The conference comprises plenary lectures and symposia (talks and posters) on diverse aspects of the biology of bees, 
honeybee management and honeybee products.  Each morning and each afternoon will commence with a plenary lecture, 
followed by two parallel symposia.

In addition to the papers presented, there will be awards for the best student talk and the best student poster.

On behalf of the EurBee Board and the Martin-Luther-University, I would like to invite you to join us at the 
EurBee5 conference to share your knowledge and experience and to further develop the European Research Area in Apidology.

Robin F.A. Moritz
(President EURBEE)

Scientific organizers
Martin Giurfa (Toulouse, France)
Koos Biesmeijer (Leiden, Netherlands)

Local organizing team
Hans-Hinrich Kaatz
Robin Moritz
Holger Scharpenberg
Petra Weber

Invited speakers
Klaus Hartfelder (Ribeirao Preto, Brazil)
David Roubik (Balboa, Panama)
Lars Chittka (London, UK)
Alexandra Klein (Berkeley, USA)
Mark Brown (London, UK)
Jay Evans (Beltsville, USA)

We will have nine invited symposia organized by
Jean Christophe Sandoz & Dorothea Eisenhardt (Neurobiology)
Manfred Ayasse & Thomas Eltz (Chemical Ecology)
Karl Crailsheim (Physiology)
Thomas Schmickl & Matthias Becher (Behaviour and colony function)
Dirk De Graaf and Joachim de Miranda (Pathology)
Pilar de la Rua (Population Genetics)
Martin Hasselmann (Genomics)
Bernhard Kraus (BEE DOC EU research network)
Simon Potts (STEP EU research network)

Suggestions for further symposia are welcome and can be submitted by May 15st 2011.

Find attached the first Announcement of the Eurbee5 to print out for your pin board.