JAR Special Release on Colony Loss

The January Release of the Journal for Apicultural Research is dedicated to Honey Bee Colony Losses worldwide and contains a Guest Editorial by Peter Neumann and Norman L. Carreck


Additional note (2010-02-09):


Dear colleagues

I have received the following information.

All members of COLOSS who wish to receive the full pdf of the Special Issue become members of IBRA for the sum of £30.00 / Euros 39.00. 

This will give you a 12 month membership to IBRA (see http://www.ibra.org.uk/articles/20090930) and for COLOSS members only the full pdf of Vol. 49 (1). 

I herewith kindly suggest to support IBRA. 

Yours sincerely 

Peter Neumann 
PD Dr. rer. nat. Peter Neumann 
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Head of Honeybee Pathology Section 
Swiss Bee Research Centre 
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