Nosema Workshop Istanbul: Scientific Report

Dear Colleques,
As we announced before, Dr. Anna Gajda and I organised a Nosema Workshop in Istanbul 
“Nosema, from knowledge to experimental setup”  We intended to update our knowledge and set up a Nosema experiment in different countries  by organizing a workshop in  İstanbul -TURKIYE. This meeting gave us the opportunity to meet and make fast progress on Nosemosis before coming spring time. By this aim, we collected ideas about possible international experimental set up.
Please find the Scientific report including outcomes of the workshop. We organised 5 different common experiments. If you want to join one or more experiments as partner, please contact with the coordinator(s) of the experiment and also Dr. Ozkirim (
Thank you for your interest.
Dr. Aslı Özkırım
Assist. Prof. 
Hacettepe University 
Dep. of Biology 
Bee Health Lab. 06800 Beytepe/ANKARA/TURKEY 
Phone: 00 90 312 297 80 43 
Fax: 00 90 312 299 20 28