PhD position in Graz, Austria

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In the context of the FWF-Project


“Non induced honeybee resistance against

 Paenibacillus larvae”

a Ph. D. position is available at the Department of Zoology, Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Division Pharmacognosy.

Paenibacillus larvae is a bee-pathogen which causes considerable damage every year in beekeeping world-wide. In Austria and in most European countries, a medical treatment of honey bee colonies with conservative antibiotics is not permitted. Breeding of bees for resistance or a method for treatment with bee-generated substances is a desirable goal. At the Institut for Zoology, University of Graz,  a substance was found in larvae as well as in adult bees which inhibits the growth of Pl in vitro. At present this substance is available in an unpurified fraction.

The target of this project is the purification of the substance or the group of substances, respectively, their analyses  and the description of the respective genes. These results should enable the classification of the substance and their integration into the family of protein-type antibiotics. At the same time, insight should be gained into the evolutionary development of immunity of insects in general and particularly the immunity of colony forming insects.



-       experience and delight with practical work on microorganisms, peptides and proteins and solid biochemical knowledge.

-       willingness to independent work

-       experience in publishing



-       employment for at least 2 years (€ 1.851,10 brutto/month)


If you are interested contact:


Dr. Ulrike Riessberger-Gallé

Institut für Zoologie                       

Universitätsplatz 2