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Dear Colleagues of COLOSS network,
the International Bee Research Association (IBRA) was founded in 1949 to foster the accumulation, archiving, and distribution of literature on the biology and culture of bees of all species. You may already be familiar with IBRA's journals Bee World and Journal of Apicultural Research. Although time and technology have altered some of its founding priorities, IBRA remains a vibrant interface between the world of the practicing scientist and practicing beekeeper through its conferences and its long-lived journals. IBRA is undergoing an internal review, and as part of that effort I am asking you to participate in a brief (12 question) survey at this link We want to know your opinions about IBRA's past performance and suggestions where the association could better serve your needs as a practicing bee scientist.
Because I am one of several IBRA members working on this project there is a chance you may receive this request more than once, but you need respond to the survey only once. We hope to have your reply by 13 January. Thank you for your valuable participation.
Best Regards,
Fani Hatjina
Dr. Fani Hatjina
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