Postdoc Position Belfast/Halle

3 year postdoc on bee-parasite relations

A postdoctoral researcher is sought for a recently funded project on the ecology and evolution of honey bee – parasite interactions within Robert Paxton’s and James Murray’s labs at Queen’s University Belfast (UK) and the University of Halle (Germany) (Reference: 10/101576). The goals of the research are to understand interactions among parasites (Nosema ceranae and Deformed Wing Virus) and their impact on bee health and immunity. The post-holder will contribute to the recently funded BBSRC/Insect Pollinators Initiative project ‘Impact and mitigation of emergent diseases on major UK insect pollinators’ (collaborating PIs are Dr Juliet Osborne, Rothamsted Research UK, and Dr Mark Brown, Royal Holloway University of London; see:

that explores the current and future risks of pathogens for the UK’s honey bee and bumble bee populations. Research will involve cell culture techniques, lab and field-based experiments (in the UK and Germany) as well as molecular genetic analysis of bee pathogens. We seek a highly motivated individual with an interest and experience in host-parasite interactions or insect immunity as well as molecular genetic skills, preferably with a background in or knowledge of genomics or analysis of next generation sequence data. Candidates must be willing to undertake experimental work with adult honey bees.

Salary: £29,853 - £38,951 per annum (including contribution points), on-line application only. For further information and to apply on-line:

and search for position 10/101576. Closing Date: Monday 20th December 2010.  It is anticipated that interviews for the position will be held on Thursday 13th January 2011.

For further information about the post, contact Dr Tom Murray (