Postdoctoral fellowship in honey bee neuroimaging

University of Trento

Project description:

The project aims at studying odour processing and memory in the honeybee brain and a potential impairment by neonicotinoid pesticides. Using two-photon microscopy, morphological as well as functional information is acquired from the brain in vivo. Odour stimuli will be used to monitor odour discrimination, learning, and memory retrieval processes. This should give insights into the principles of neural information coding and possible impairments after acute and chronic exposure to neonicotinoids. In behavioural experiments, consequences to single animal performance in learning and memorizing odorants will be verified.
The project’s objectives are fundamental understanding of structure and function of the honeybee olfactory neural network as well as the identification of possible causes for the world’s honeybee population decline.
The candidate is expected to take a leading role in the project and will be involved in all phases of the neuroimaging experiments starting from study design, animal preparation, image acquisition, to data postprocessing and analysis.

Contract duration:

2 years prolongable to 3 years.

Applicants need:

a) a Ph.D. in biology, neuroscience, or related disciplines;
b) appropriate scientific and professional knowledge required to carry out the research described;
c) excellent background in relevant fields (documented by peer-reviewed publications);
d) advanced experience in microscopy and data analysis;
e) excellent English language skills;

Application deadline:

August, 22nd 2016, 12:00 local time

Further information on application procedure:

Albrecht Haase
+39 0464 808699
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