The unique and innovative COLOSS “BEEBOOK: standard methodologies for Apis mellifera research" will today be published both online in the Journal of Apicultural Research and as a hard copy book for use at the laboratory bench.

The COLOSS BEEBOOK aims for the first time to standardise methods for studying the honey bee, Apis mellifera. It is a practical manual compiling standard methods in all fields of research on the honey bee, and will become the definitive, but evolving, research manual. Chapters describe methods for studying honey bee biology, methods for understanding honey bee pests and pathogens, and methods for breeding honey bees. It has been edited by Dr Vincent Dietemann of the Swiss Bee Research Centre, Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux , Prof. Peter Neumann of the University of Bern, Switzerland, and Prof. Jamie Ellis of the University of Florida, USA. The initial BEEBOOK project is divided into two volumes: The COLOSS BEEBOOK, Volume I: Standard methods for Apis mellifera research and The COLOSS BEEBOOK, Volume II: Standard methods for Apis mellifera pest and pathogen research. A further volume covering hive products is in preparation.

IBRA Science Director and JAR Senior Editor Norman Carreck says: “Volumes I and II are composed of 32 peer-reviewed chapters describing some 1700 individual experimental protocols, and have been authored by 243 of the world’s leading honey bee experts from 34 different countries. This illustrates the unprecedented degree of international collaboration that the crisis in honey bees and the COLOSS network has engendered”.

COLOSS Chairman Prof. Peter Neumann says: “The editors and author team hope that the COLOSS BEEBOOK will serve as the standard reference tool for honey bee and other researchers globally. We hope that the honey bee research community will embrace this exciting venture and will ensure that it continues to evolve”.

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