The COLOSS BEEBOOK Volume 1 - Foreword

Robert E Page Jr1*.

1School of Life Sciences, PO Box 874701, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-4701, USA.

*Corresponding author: Email:

Considering the COLOSS BEEBOOK, two things immediately come to mind. First is colossal, the size of the undertaking by the community of honey bee researchers that took on this project. The second is cooperation, the fabric of the honey bee societies we study and the fabric of this community of authors contributing to this work. Ten years ago I would have said that this book is the outcome of a unique collaborative effort extending across the honey bee research community. But that was before the honey bee genome sequencing project brought together an international community, showed how we could work together, and opened the door for many more to join.  This is the second such effort. By sharing best practices and standard methods for conducting research, the way will be paved for new investigators to enter the field and for current investigators to broaden their interests and impact. 

The organizers of this effort should be commended, as should the European Science Foundation, European Cooperation in Science and Technology, the European Union, and the Ricola Foundation for making this happen. Honey bee researchers for generations to come will benefit from and contribute to this undertaking.