7.2.1. Feeding syrup

Colonies can be fed liquid sugar syrup (sucrose) to cause them to increase the amount of pollen they collect (Goodwin, 1997) (Fig. 16). The syrup needs to be fed inside their hives, and the container needs to include flotation to minimize bee death from drowning. Feeding an average of 1 litre of syrup, with between 45 and 65% sucrose concentration, every day has been reported to result in significant increases in pollen collection (Goodwin and TenHouten, 1991). It is important that any syrup that has started to ferment in the feeder is discarded before more syrup is added. Feeding colonies outside their hives is unlikely to cause colonies to collect pollen.

Fig. 16.
Feeding a colony sugar syrup

1297PN revised Fig 16