Dear COLOSS members, dear honeybee researchers

During the 2009 COLOSS workshop in Bern and during the following events we have decided to work towards internationally recognised methods in honeybee research to favour comparison between results worldwide.

The idea was to bring the specialists for each method together and for them to agree on those to be established as standard. Working groups were thus formed and the work needed was discussed and performed. The task first consisted in determining which methods needed standardization. The second task consisted of reviewing the literature and identifying the methods already available that could serve as standards. The selection process for the “standard” considered all published methods. In instances where it was not possible to select a single method as the standard, several methods were listed with clear description of when to use which methods and what the advantages and disadvantages of each were. In instances where no method was suitable for a standard, work towards the development of such methods is proposed and could be later published in the BEEBOOK.

To launch this work, a panel of senior authors was chosen for each of the main topics. The list of topics is not limited and will grow as we progress. The role of the senior authors was to coordinate the development of methods and their publication online.

The researchers contributing to this task needed a reward and the best incentive for participation is in form of publications. IBRA has agreed to publish these methodological articles in special issues of Journal of Apicultural Research. Authorship on the method papers are, as is usual, based on the contributions with the senior author as first author. Once the first edition is released, we are planning to take advantage of the wiki-like BEEBOOK internet platform to update the manual in real time as new standards become available. Developed in association the research consortium BEE DOC, the open access wikiCOLOSS BEEBOOK can then be cited on the basis of the last paper edition and then incorporated in the following paper edition.

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How do I participate?

As a COLOSS non-member: by invitation by the editors and senior authors. For COLOSS members: candidates can send an email to the webmaster containing the (list of) method that they would like to help develop. Other users can use the commenting tool at the bottom of each method on the WikiCOLOSS BEEBOOK platform.


See our BEEBOOK page for more details on the content.