This is a sample document that you may also use as a template for your own presentations

This is the first slide

it contains

a list of items you want to mention:

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3

There is more text in this "chapter" that becomes your slide, but this text will not be shown: your listeners should have something to listen to, not only things to read from the screen, right?

Literal text will be shown.

This is the second slide

it contains another list of numbered items

  1. item
  2. item
  3. item

Discreet text will not be shown.

This is the third slide

This is a pull-quote that will also not be shown


This is a call-out and will not be shown


This text is "highlighted" and will be visible in the presentation mode.

So, what about images?

This is the fourth slide

Images are not supported yet - I will find out how to include them in the webpage AND the presentation mode.