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COLOSS is overseen by an Executive Committee of 15 members drawn from our association. Members of the committee are elected by our General Assembly for a term length of three years.

Executive Committee 2016-19

Maria Bouga (Greece), Robert Brodschneider (Austria), Norman Carreck (UK), Panuwan Chantawannakul (Thailand), Karl Crailsheim (Austria), Raffaele Dall`Olio (Italy), Vincent Dietemann (Switzerland), Giovanni Formato (Italy), Anna Gajda (Poland), Preben Kristiansen (Sweden), Fanny Mondet (France), Peter Neumann (Switzerland), Asli Özkirim (Turkey), Christian Pirk (South Africa), Victoria Soroker (Israel), Geoff Williams (USA)
*A tie resulted in 16 EC members

President: P Neumann (Switzerland)

Vice-presidents: P Chantawannakul (Thailand) & G Williams (USA)

Secretary: G Williams (USA)


Executive Committee 2013-16


M Bouga (Greece), R Brodschneider (Austria), R Büchler (Germany), N Carreck (UK), K Crailsheim (Austria), P Chantawannakul (Thailand), C Costa (Italy), V Dietemann (Switzerland), JD Ellis (USA), A Gregorc (Slovenia), P Neumann (Switzerland), A Özkirim (Turkey), V Soroker (Israel), S van der Steen (Netherlands), G Williams (Switzerland)