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Small hive beetle

Chairman: Bram Cornelissen (Contact for membership)

Vice-chairman: Peter Neumann

The small hive beetle Task Force (=SHB TF) of COLOSS is composed of >40 researchers, bee health experts, and extension specialists workers from >20 countries.

Download the membership list


Our members develop, standardise and promote diagnostic and sustainable control methods for this pest as well as conduct research aiming towards a better understanding of SHB basic biology.

Figure: Adult SHB (left) and damage caused by SHB feeding larvae (right) in a severely infested honeybee colony.


The specific aims of our SHB TF will be achieved by organizing workshops to design common experiments as well as training schools on specific subjects and reciprocal research visits (Short term Scientific Missions). We will also share ongoing research and databases electronically in order to coordinate and speed research efforts.

The Taskforce has identified the following priorities to work on in the coming years:

  1. Make a Top 10 list of SHB behavior fostering visual diagnosis
  2. Species-specific and validated PCRs are required for better molecular diagnosis
  3. Sentinel hives as early detection tools: numbers? Sizes? Distribution? Where? more info needed!
  4. Immediate and adequate reimbursement of beekeepers to foster cooperation for first and early detection is a necessity.
  5. False negative results of current diagnosis? Or, how to not overlook the one beetle in an apiary.
  6. next TF meeting US 2018!